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Biolac® is an innovative activated sludge process that allows for extended sludge age to create an extremely stable system that is easy to operate.

The Biolac® system maintains the required mixing of the activated sludge and suspension of the solids at only 4 CFM per 1000 cu.ft. of aeration basin volume. As a result, air delivery to the basin can be reduced during periods of low loading while maintaining effective food-to-biomass contact and without the risk of solids settling out of the wastewater.

A major advantage of the Biolac® system is its low installed cost. Biolac® systems can be installed in earthen basins and with or without linings. The BioFuser® fine bubble diffusers require no mounting to basin floors or associated anchors and leveling. These diffusers are suspended from the BioFlex® floating aeration chains. The only concrete structure that is required is for the simple internal clarifier(s) and blower/control–buildings.

Simple control of the air distribution to the BioFlex® chains creates moving waves of oxic and anoxic zones within the basin. This is known as the Wave Oxidation process. No additional in-basin equipment is required, and air distribution is regulated by simple timer-operated actuator valves. Biological phosphorus removal also can be accomplished by incorporating an anaerobic zone.

Land space and hydraulic efficiencies are maximized using the integral clarifier. The clarifier design incorporates a common wall between the clarifier and aeration basin.


  •  BNR in a single basin
  •  Multiple treatment zones
  •  Reduced energy consumption
  •  High quality effluent
  •  Affordable price


  • Guaranteed process results
  •  90+% total nutrient removal
  •  Energy costs reduced 25-30%
  •  Minimal operator attention
  •  Simple, low-cost construction
  •  Available as lined earthen basins and concrete basins
  •  No internal MLSS recycle required
  •  Alkalinity recovery
  •  Reduced biosolids production