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The Aqua Rhino™ utilizes an advanced drive system and robust design to provide high performance and durability in a cost- efficient package.

The Aqua Rhino™ represents the the next generation step screen and is proudly made in the USA. Parkson marketing and engineering poured thousands of hours into understanding the weaknesses of existing offerings and making substantial improvements. The result is a step screen that will provide unmatched durability and ease of operation while providing ultimate protection for your downstream process equipment.

Aqua Rhino™ Escalating Screen technology consists of rows of self-cleaning screening bars in a staircase configuration. Every other bar is fixed, while remaining bars are part of a moveable fixture that revolves upwards to lift screenings step-by-step for discharge at the top. This technology offers extremely low headloss, can handle heavy solids loading, requires no brushes for removing solids from the screening surface and is very economical. Aqua Rhino technology is ideal for screening flows containing high fibrous-like content. Screen openings range from 1/8” (nominal 3mm) to 1/4” (nominal 6mm) for clean water flows ranging from 0 to 75 MGD.

The Aqua Rhino is designed to withstand the harsh screening environment that so commonly causes competing screens to fail. The stepped bars and frame are both made of stainless steel and are 50% thicker than leading competitors.

A unique feature of the Aqua Rhino Escalating Screen is its direct drive linkage system. This eliminates the major weak points and frequent maintenance items associated with competitive offerings – namely chains that stretch and sprockets and chain tensioners that wear.

Finally, Parkson went to great lengths to design the screen bottom (commonly referred to as the “toe”) to significantly reduce grit buildup. Grit buildup at the bottom of a step screen is a leading cause for premature wear and failure. Parkson engineers dramatically minimized the spaces where grit can collect and provided an optional spray bar washout design for unmatched, reduced grit performance.

The Aqua Rhino can be used in conjunction with Parkson’s conveyors or wash compactors to complete the screening system. By providing single source responsibility, Parkson streamlines communication and saves valuable time and resources while ensuring the highest standards and quality.

Features and Benefits

  • Trouble-free direct drive linkage – no chains to stretch or sprockets to wear.
  • Minimal toe space with optional washout bar for significantly reduced grit buildup and abrasion.
  • Thickest combined lifting blades and side frames on the market
  • Available in three installation angles – 45°, 50° and 53°.
  • Fits in channel widths ranging from 20” to 84”.
  • Full covers for odor control

Dimensions Based on Unit Mounted at 53° Installation Angle

Model AR40 AR54 AR75 AR85 AR92 AR102 AR115 AR137 AR156 AR185
Discharge Height (A) Inches 37'' 51'' 72'' 79'' 86'' 96'' 106'' 130'' 148'' 168''
Total Length (B) Inches 60'' 71'' 86'' 91'' 97'' 104'' 112'' 130'' 143'' 159''
Unit Height (C) Inches 73'' 87'' 107'' 114'' 121'' 131'' 142'' 166'' 183'' 204''
Channel Width (D) Inches 20” - 84” Range Options

*Also available in 50° and 45° installation angles.