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Advanced Gravity Separation

For years, a key part of the Biolac System has been the simple, common wall secondary clarifier that completes the system. Efficient liquid-solids separation is critical to maintaining high quality effluent and the Biolac® clarifier has proven to perform with excellent reliability. Many plants produce effluent TSS between 5 and 10 mg/l. Along with hundreds of successful installation over the past 25 years comes the experience and learning that leads to new innovation and development.
The EZClear™ design builds on the successful innovation of the existing Biolac® clarifier while maintaining all the features and benefits that owners want.
 – Low effluent TSS
 – Rapid sludge removal
 – Simple maintenance of all equipment from the surface
 – Gravity RAS flow option
 – Low hydraulic profile
With lengths up to 100 feet, the EZClear™ almost doubles the available surface area per clarifier, expanding the range of application and further reducing operation and maintenance requirements while improving effluent quality.

Biolac® EZClear™ Clarifier

Features Benefits
Effluent TSS guaranteed – as low as 10 mg/l TSS Provides the owner with the confidence and security of a successful EZClear™ installation
Turned 90° from the original Biolac™ clarifier, the EZClear™ Clarifier is available in lengths up to 100 feet. The surface area available per clarifier is increased by over 80%, providing higher flow capacity for lower total cos
Vertical, common wall construction with the Biolac™ treatment basin and other structures Reduces the amount of concrete and excavation required, lowering the cost of construction. Clarifier/RAS footprint is at least 30% less than with separate circular clarifiers
Low-velocity, equally distributed crossflow design Inlet distribution pipes ensure superior hydraulic efficiency and eliminates the density currents that destroy clarifier performance
EZClear™ feed channel orifices control the flow into the clarifier Controlled equalization can automatically be provided in the Biolac®  treatment basin, dampening short term peak clarifier loading,  improving performance
Feed channel slide gate Provides easy isolation of each EZClear™ from the Biolac® treatment basin
Rapid sludge removal from the entire EZClear™ V-bottom Keeps sludge healthy and in the process treating wastewater – no danger of denitrification or P re-release in the sludge collection zone
Automated sludge wasting  Improves process stability and performance while reducing operator time and attention
Surface wasting slide gate Allows for removal of poor settling floc/scum from the clarifier feed. The operator decides when and how much to waste this way
Automated scum skimming and removal Minimizes scum flow while reducing operator time and attention
Both airlift pumps with gravity RAS flow, and mechanical pumps with pumped RAS flow are available Design flexibility depending on plant hydraulics and  operator preference