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Biological Treatment

With hundreds of municipal and industrial customers, Parkson has extensive experience with the design and supply of biological wastewater treatment systems. Below, is a brief summary of some of most popular municipal wastewater treatment products.

The Biolac® system combines low sludge production with low energy consumption to produce an activated sludge system with the lowest cost of ownership. With the Biolac® Wave Oxidation process followed with our continuous backwash sand filter (Dynasand®), discharge levels of <3 mg/l TN and <0.03 mg/l TP are achievable.

The HiOx® Messner® aeration panels provide the highest efficiency, longest life diffused air system available.

The EcoCycle SBR™ brings together high efficiency treatment schemes with compact footprint requirements to provide reliable and flexible performance for today’s stringent biological nutrient removal/enhanced nutrient removal effluent needs. The EcoCycle SBR™ will allow for a wide range of choices for aerating and mixing to ensure the proper equipment selection.

Whether you are looking to build a new treatment facility or you need to upgrade your current facility to handle more throughput and/or achieve higher removal rates, Parkson has a range of wastewater biological treatment processes to fit your needs.




Continuous Fill Sequencing Batch Reactor

RetrievOx™ wastewater aeration system with floating mixer and DynaCanter floating decanter


Wastewater Aeration System

Process flow diagram of EquaCel Biological Nitrogen Removal System


Biological Nutrient Removal System

Parkson jet aeration as part of the EquaJet Nitrogen Removal System


High-Efficiency Nitrogen Removal System

Municipal installation featuring the EquaReact® equalized nutrient removal system


Equalized Nutrient Removal System

DynaCanter™ Floating Decanter used to remove treated effluent or supernatant


Floating Decanter

Closeup of VariOx™ jet aeration system for mixing and aerating


Jet Aeration

EcoCycle SBR™

EcoCycle SBR™

Sequencing Batch Reactor

HiOx® Messner® Aeration Panels which act as a fine bubble diffuser

HiOx® Messner® Aeration Panel

Fine Bubble Diffuser

Aerial view of a Biolac® Aerated Lagoon System


Aerated Lagoon System