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Screenings & Headworks

Screening benefits the process of wastewater, by-product and water treatment by removing troublesome and recognizable solids so they do not harm or damage downstream equipment and processes. Screening reduces operator workload by avoiding costly downtime of such items such as pumps, valves and other mechanical or process equipment.

Parkson offers a variety of in-channel and gravity fed rotating and static screens with a wide range of screen openings.  We also offer screenings handling process such as conveying, washing and dewatering and when combined with a screen we offer a complete screening and screenings handling system.



Hydraulic Ram Style Dewatering Press

Aqua Guard® UltraClean™

Self-Cleaning Moving Media Channel Screen

Aqua Guard® PF

Perforated-Plate Media Channel Screen

Aqua WashPress®

Dewatering Screw Press

Helisieve® M

All-in-one: screening, conveying and dewatering system


Externally-Fed Rotating Drum Screen


Internally-Fed Rotating Wedgewire Drum Screen

Rotoshear® PF

Internally-Fed Rotating Perforated Plate Drum Screen


Bi-wave Panel Static Screen


Shaftless Spiral Dewatering Press


Shaftless Spiral Conveyor


Packaged Headworks System for Sewage and Septage Receiving

Aqua Guard® Continuous Self-Cleaning Moving Media Screen

Aqua Guard®

Continuous Self-Cleaning Moving Media Screen