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The team at the Lower Bird Creek facility includes from left, back row, John Hines, operator; Falan Versaw, storekeeper; Tom Collins, Kenny Friend and Manny Verges, operators; and Eric DeAlba, mechanic; front row, Shawn Glen, plant superintendent; and Zane Briggs, operations supervisor.

Treatment Plant Operator- How a Tulsa Plant Won Platinum Status During an Upgrade

11.02.2016    /    Clipping
A major plant upgrade didn’t keep the team at a Tulsa clean-water plant from meeting permit limits and earning a Platinum Peak Performance Award.


A major upgrade was a long time coming for the Lower Bird Creek Water Pollution Control Facility.

The 20-year-old facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma, needed new headworks to solve a debris removal issue, plus a circular clarifier and new SCADA system. Completed in June 2012, the upgrade also doubled plant capacity from 2 mgd to 4 mgd to meet city growth and take in additional wastewater from the city of Catoosa.

Several years of plant construction presented challenges for the operators. These included taking the oxidation ditch out of service for 30 days and diverting flow to equalization basins while keeping the biomass alive. Construction delays added more stress.

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