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EquaReact video - Biologically Enhanced Equalization Reactor

How a B.E.E.R. Can Benefit Your System: A Parkson Corp. Video Debut

08.14.2018    /    Press release

Innovative EquaReact system combines enhanced wastewater treatment and equalization in one



Parkson Corporation is pleased to announce the release of their newest video featuring the EquaReact® system. EquaReact is an enhanced biological treatment system that combines flow equalization and treatment into one reactor or zone. The heart of this system is the Biologically Enhanced Equalization Reactor (B.E.E.R.) which allows for biological treatment to take place in the equalization tank or basin as part of an enhanced treatment process. This video describes how EquaReact provides biological treatment at variable volumes, suitable for both industrial and municipal applications.

In this video you’ll learn about EquaReact’s design and benefits, such as the ability for the equalization reactor to reduce BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) by as much as 80% prior to the first treatment stage, create the environment for anaerobic phosphorus uptake, and begin denitrification, or in some cases, a combination thereof.

The combination of equalization and treatment helps lower downstream equipment sizing and costs, as well as offset the cost of a standalone EQ tank. The EquaReact system provides enhanced treatment to help customers meet new and expanded nutrient regulations, while offering all the benefits of equalized flow to downstream processes. Watch to see how the B.E.E.R. system functions to provide cost savings and reduce footprint while meeting stringent effluent requirements.

To view this and other Parkson videos such as the recently released Aqua Caiman™ Articulating Rake Screen and Parkson University video series, visit Parkson’s YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe, share, comment and look for more videos to come. For any additional information, please contact Lydia Ebert at