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Parkson Hycor Helisieve M In-Channel Fine Screen

New Video by Parkson Corp. Highlights Operator-Friendly Features of the Hycor® Helisieve® M Wastewater Treatment Screen

01.19.2021    /    Press release


Screen provides easy access for maintenance, longer life, and enhanced wipes removal


Parkson Corporation is pleased to announce the release of a new video featuring the Hycor® Helisieve® M In-Channel Fine Screen, which provides liquid-solid separation for wastewater treatment. The heart of the system is a heavy-duty shaftless spiral with brush that conveys screenings to a dewatering zone for discharge. Because the unit is shaftless, it handles a greater volume of solids and easily conveys stringy solids.

With over 1,100 installations worldwide, and some still in operation after nearly 30 years, the Helisieve is a proven and reliable system that incorporates new operator-friendly features. This includes a 180-degree segmented brush for easy replacement, a fourth wear bar to increase wear bar life by over 30%, and a flanged drive shaft for easy spiral removal.

Additionally, a feature unique only to Parkson is the retractable spool in the press zone. The spool can be manually set to Standard Mode for standard performance with drier solids or EZ-Wipe™ Mode to reduce clogging when wipes content in screenings is high. This mode allows wipes, rags and screenings to exit earlier to reduce clogging.    

In addition to in-tank models, Parkson also offers options for out-of-channel installations with the Hycor® Helisieve® M Plus. Both models are excellent choices to help protect downstream processes, reduce hauling costs, and save valuable time, resources and space.

To learn more, watch the video and visit the product page. Visit Parkson’s YouTube channel for additional educational videos and be sure to subscribe, share and comment. For additional information, please contact Lydia Ebert at