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RetrievOx™ Diffuser Rack in EcoCycle SBR™ Application

Parkson’s New RetrievOx™ Aeration Technology Keeps Aeration Tanks In Service

04.26.2017    /    Press release

Diffuser Membranes Can Be Accessed For Maintenance Without Dewatering



Parkson’s new RetrievOx™ aeration technology, used primarily in municipal and industrial wastewater applications, eliminates the need to dewater tanks in order to access fine bubble aeration diffusers for cleaning and/or replacement. Each RetrievOx™ assembly consists of a grid of tubular fine bubble diffusers, guide track and hoisting mechanism. A portable electric winch is utilized to raise the diffuser grid to the top of the tank where it is accessible by plant staff for inspection, cleaning and diffuser replacement. The ability to access the aeration system without taking tanks offline eliminates disruption of normal wastewater processing through the facility when maintenance of fine bubble diffusers is required.

While the RetrievOx™ system can be utilized in conventional aeration applications, the primary driver for development was for use in Parkson’s EcoCycle SBR™ sequencing batch reactor process. Brad Linsey, Sr. Product Manager at Parkson, explains, “The RetrievOx™ aeration system gives our clients another option when it comes to selecting aeration types for the SBR process. It compliments Parkson’s other SBR aeration offerings, which include VariOx™ jet aeration, fixed fine bubble diffused air and coarse bubble aeration.”

The RetrievOx™ system is available in both fine bubble and coarse bubble diffuser configurations.

For additional information on Parkson’s aeration offerings, please contact Brad Linsey at 913-745-1232.