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Wastewater Treatment Systems and Equipment

Parkson is well known for offering a variety of wastewater treatment systems. Our screening options are widely used in diverse municipal and industrial segments. Configure our line of in-channel, drum, static, conveyance and all-in-one screens to suit your needs, whether it be high capture rates, low maintenance or cost-efficient systems.

Additionally, many of our screens can be combined to provide single-source responsibility, which streamlines communication and saves valuable time and resources while ensuring the highest standards and quality.

Screenings & Headworks

Aqua Caiman® In-Channel Articulating Rake Screen

Aqua Caiman®

Articulating Rake Screen

Aqua Guard® Shown at Installation

Aqua Guard®

Self-Cleaning Wastewater Screen

Aqua Guard PF Perforated Plate Screen For Wastewater

Aqua Guard® PF

Perforated Plate Screen

Fine Screen Wastewater Treatment

Aqua Guard® UltraClean™

Fine Screen Wastewater Treatment

Aqua Rhino™ In-Channel Escalating Screen

Aqua Rhino™

In-Channel Escalating Screen

Aqua WashPress® Dewatering Screen Press Installation

Aqua WashPress®

Dewatering Screw Press

Combi® Package Headworks System& Septic Receiving Station

Hycor® Combi®

Package Headworks System

Rotostrainer Externally Fed Rotary Screen Used w/ Helicon® Conveyor

Hycor® Helicon®

Shaftless Spiral Conveyor

Helisieve® M

Hycor® Helisieve® M

Self-Contained Wastewater Treatment System

Helixpress® Dewatering Screen Conveyor at Industrial Installation

Hycor® Helixpress®

Dewatering Screen Conveyer

Two Hydroscreen Solids Liquid Separation units at installation site

Hycor® Hydroscreen™

Solid Liquid Separation Equipment

Hypress® Dewatering Hydraulic Ram Press

Hycor® Hypress®

Dewatering Hydraulic Ram Press

Two Rotoshear® Internally Fed Rotary Screens at Installation Site

Hycor® Rotoshear®

Internally Fed Rotary Screen

Rotomesh® PF Perforated Plate Rotary Drum Screen at industrial installation

Hycor® Rotoshear® PF

Rotary Drum Fine Screen

Closeup of the Rotostrainer Externally Fed Rotary Screen

Hycor® Rotostrainer®

Externally Fed Rotary Screen

Biological Treatment

Aerial view of a Biolac® Aerated Lagoon System


Aerated Lagoon System

DynaCanter™ Floating Decanter used to remove treated effluent or supernatant


Floating Decanter

EcoCycle SBR™

EcoCycle SBR™

Sequencing Batch Reactor

Process flow diagram of EquaCel Biological Nitrogen Removal System


Biological Nutrient Removal System

Parkson jet aeration as part of the EquaJet Nitrogen Removal System


High-Efficiency Nitrogen Removal System

Municipal installation featuring the EquaReact® equalized nutrient removal system


Equalized Nutrient Removal System

HiOx® Messner® Aeration Panels which act as a fine bubble diffuser

HiOx® Messner® Aeration Panel

Fine Bubble Diffuser



Continuous Fill Sequencing Batch Reactor

RetrievOx™ wastewater aeration system with floating mixer and DynaCanter floating decanter


Wastewater Aeration System

Closeup of VariOx™ jet aeration system for mixing and aerating


Jet Aeration

Separations & ENR

Water Reuse Facility

DynaSand® EcoWash®

Continuous Backwash Sand Filter

Installation site featuring a Lamella inclined plate clarifier

Lamella EcoFlow®

The Original Inclined Plate Gravity Settler

Slant Rib Coalescing (SRC) Oil/Water Separator System which removes oil and solids

Oil/Water Separator Systems

Slant Rib Coalescing Oil/Water Separator (SRC) & Fiberglass Tank Oil/Water Separator (SRM)

Biosolids Management

ThickTech Rotary Drum Thickener at installation site

Hycor® ThickTech™

Rotary Drum Thickener