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Parkson's Aqua WashPress

The Aqua WashPress® can economically and effectively wash and dewater screenings from in-channel and rotating screens in a variety of applications. The dewatering screw press will lower hauling and disposal costs by reducing weight and volume of screenings.

Organics and biosolids are often caught along with the appropriately screened solids. If not removed, these items retain water, inhibit drainage, emit odors and result in excessive disposal costs.

The solution is screenings washing with the Aqua WashPress Dewatering Screw Press. The unit is the perfect complement to any screen, particularly if cost-effective screenings washing and compaction is your objective.

The operation is simple. Screenings enter the press from a hopper and are conveyed by a slowly rotating screw to a wash zone where water is added to support the separation process. This is followed by compacting and dewatering in a press zone and a piped discharge to get solids into a dumpster.

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Features & Benefits

Improved function

Washes organic material from inert material
– re-introduces organic material back into the plant influent stream, reduces odors from remaining inert material in the dumpster

Water drop

Efficient compaction
allows landfill application and meets Paint Filter Testing requirements

Reduced Maintenance

Low maintenance
– one moving part – the screw drive - wear parts easy to replace, non-corrosive materials 304 and 316 options

Provide various options

Variable sizes
– small and large capacities, multiple body lengths, variable hopper designs

Improved function

Continuous bagging option
reduces odor by bagging discharge

Improved function

Heavy duty spiral
made of thick carbon steel provides greater strength than stainless steel spirals

Provide various options

Flexible design
suitable for new or retrofit construction and easily fits under screens, conveyors

Americal flag - USA

Engineered and technically supported from the USA
to improve local support and remove overseas timezone conflicts and travel delays

Americal flag - USA

Spare parts manufactured and warehoused in USA
reduce lead times for emergency parts


Factory Image of the Aqua WashPress® Dewatering Screw Press
Option Bagging at Discharge of Dewatering Screw Press
Aqua WashPress® Dewatering Screw Press
Aqua WashPress® Dewatering Screw Press
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