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Aqua WashPress®

Dewatering Screw Press

The Aqua WashPress® can economically and effectively wash and dewater screenings from in channel and rotating screens in a variety of applications. The dewatering screw press will lower hauling and disposal costs by reducing weight and volume of screenings.

Organics and biosolids are often caught along with the appropriately screened solids. If not removed, these items retain water, inhibit drainage, emit odors and result in excessive disposal costs.

The solution is screenings washing with the Aqua WashPress® Dewatering Screw Press. The unit is the perfect complement to any screen, particularly if cost effective screenings washing and compaction is your objective.

The operation is simple. Screenings enter the press from a hopper and are conveyed by a slowly rotating screw to a wash zone where water is added to support the separation process. This is followed by compacting and dewatering in a press zone and a piped discharge to get solids into a dumpster.


  • Non-corrosive 304 (316 optional) stainless steel body with variable hopper lengths
  • Heavy-duty carbon steel spiral
  • Low maintenance – only one moving part, the screw drive; all wear parts are easy to replace
  • Large model range to handle any small and large capacities


  • Long life components
  • Flexible design for new and retrofit construction
  • Easily fits under belt conveyor, screw conveyor or screens
  • Economical washing; leaves screenings acceptable for landfill
  • Optional bagging device at discharge

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