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Municipal installation featuring the EquaReact® equalized nutrient removal system

EquaReact® is our unique equalized nutrient removal system that combines hydraulic flow equalization and multi-stage (anaerobic, anoxic, or aerobic) activated sludge treatment as a system offering to provide biological or enhanced nutrient removal in industrial and municipal markets. Our equalized nutrient removal system reduces land requirements, energy consumption, and capital costs while increasing the overall treatment system performance and efficiency.

The operation and the efficiency of biological nutrient removal (BNR) systems is affected by viable daily wastewater inflow rates and volumes and pollutant loading rates that occur in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. Parkson’s equalized biological nutrient removal provides a real cost effective and efficient solution to these issues.

Municipal wastewater treatment plants have typical diurnal inflow patterns with higher flows and pollutant loadings during morning and evening hours and much higher surge inflow during storm water events. Industrial wastewater treatment plants have typical diurnal inflow patterns and pollutant loading rates with higher flows and pollutant loading during daytime processing shifts, lower flows and loads during nighttime clean-up shifts, and very low or no flow and loading during weekends and holiday shut-down days. These variable wastewater influent flow rates and volumes and pollutant loading rates make BNR system design and operation more difficult, usually requiring automatic control and pacing of pumping equipment, aeration equipment and chemical feed equipment according to wastewater flow rate and other process control parameters. Wide swings in diurnal flow rates and pollutant loadings and weekday high flow vs. weekend low flow volumes and loadings impact the design of BNR process reactors, clarifiers, pumps and other equipment. EquaReact will allow operators to manage and control their influent flows in a more productive and efficient manner, increasing the performance of their downstream treatment system.

In order to reduce the negative impact of variable wastewater inflow rates and pollutant loading rates, equalization basins are used to store, blend, and equalize variable wastewater influent flows and loads upstream of the BNR treatment process units. Storing raw wastewater in an equalization basin can produce odors unless the basin is operated with aeration to transfer oxygen into the wastewater. Aeration of the equalization basin results in the reduction of carbon source in the raw wastewater, which is needed in the downstream BNR process for nitrate-nitrogen removal by biological denitrification and for enhanced biological phosphorus removal. EquaReact is a patented system that allows operators to manage and control influent flows through equalization, provide treatment, and eliminate odors while maximizing raw wastewater carbon source all in one basin.

EquaReact - Biologically Enhanced Equalization Reactor (BEER) System Video

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Features & Benefits

Improved function

Flow equalization
improves overall performance since diurnal or intermittent loads can be treated over longer periods


Partial treatment in the EQ tank
reduces footprint of downstream treatment processes; Improved efficiency since energy used to mix the EQ tank is providing treatment

Provide various options

Design flexibility
with a choice of fine bubble, coarse bubble, or jet aeration

Provide various options

Process flexibility
allows the system to be used with most forms of activated sludge treatment (new or retrofit)


Diffusers shown at an EquaReact® equalized nutrient removal system
Diffusers shown at an EquaReact® equalized nutrient removal system
Diffusers in action at an EquaReact installation
Recirculation pumps and lines- part of an EquaReact® installation

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