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Hycor® Helisieve® M

Self-Contained Wastewater Treatment System

The Hycor® Helisieve® M combines fine screening, conveying and dewatering to create a highly economical self-contained wastewater treatment system. It produces screenings dry enough to take to a landfill without the need of an additional dewatering press. Screen openings are available in the standard 1/4” perforations or optional 1/8”. The heart of the system is a shaftless spiral with a brush in the screen basket area to keep the screen clean.

Operation of the spiral is based on level control upstream of the screen basket. Screened solids are conveyed out of the channel, dewatered and discharged into a dumpster or conveyor.

Units are available in a tank when a channel is not available. A common in-tank option is also available to pre-treat septage (with special controls) prior to being accepted in a wastewater treatment plant.


  • Installation angles at 35° and 45° 
  • 180° brush segments 
  • Reliable fine screening to ¼” or ⅛”
  • Self-cleaning fine screen
  • 4 spiral diameters
  • Shaftless spiral
  • Integral dewatering
  • In-tank option
  • In-tank septage pre-treatment
  • Optional heat trace


  • Improved downstream treatment
  • Low operator maintenance
  • Fits in many channel sizes
  • No submerged bearing or shaft to get solids wrapped around
  • Economical without additional dewatering equipment
  • When a channel is not available
  • Pre-treat septage
  • Solids dry enough to take to landfill

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