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Rotostrainer Externally Fed Rotary Screen Used w/ Helicon® Conveyor

The Hycor® Helicon®, a shaftless screw conveyor is the answer for efficient, reliable automatic transport. The conveyor is frequently used in conjunction with other Hycor® equipment to create a solids management system that conveys the screened solids to washing or dewatering, and ultimately to disposal.

The shaftless screw conveyor is totally enclosed. Bolt-on covers contain odors, keep extraneous materials out, eliminate spills and minimize housekeeping.

The Helicon’s shaftless spiral design is extremely simple, uncomplicated and will provide years of trouble-free performance. The shaftless screw provides clear, unrestricted throughput with no center shaft to snag or wrap solids. There are no intermediate hanger bearings to obstruct flow and no maintenance-intensive end bearings.

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Features & Benefits

Provide various options

Shaftless conveyor in different diameters
conveys solids and screenings to meet all project demand loading

Reduced Maintenance

No hanger bearings to maintain
creates a simple operation and increases life span 

Reduced Maintenance

Durable heavy duty spirals
ride on a low friction liner for easy operation and robust construction

Improved function

Optional feed chutes and covers
keep transport areas clean, contains odors and alleviates spills

Provide various options

Optional baggers
for horizontal or inclined installations provide variety to meet any design requirement


Helicon® Shaftless Screw Conveyor in Operation
Solids Captured on Rotostrainer Externally Fed Rotary Screen
Hycor Helicon® Shaftless Screw Conveyor at Installation Site
Helicon® Shaftless Screw Conveyor
Two Rotostrainer Externally Fed Rotary Screens with Helicon® Conveyor

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