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Hycor Helixpress Dewatering Screen Press

The Hycor® Helixpress®, a dewatering screen conveyor, is the cost-effective solution for dewatering the screenings collected by any type of screen. It is an all-in-one conveyor, compactor and dewaterer. It utilizes a combination of drainage, compaction and dewatering to reduce weight and volume, which ultimately decreases hauling and disposal costs.

The dewatering screen conveyor is designed to pass the EPA Paint Filter Test, which is required on solids dryness for landfill applications. The Helixpress® can convey solids as far as 30 ft. and at a maximum of a twenty-degree angle. It is designed to handle screenings up to 157 cu.ft./hr. Multiple screens may discharge to a single Helixpress unit.

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Features & Benefits

Improved function

Shaftless conveyor in different diameters
conveys solids to dewatering zone and discharges and increases capacity 

Water drop

Solids can stop dripping on way to disposal
and will meet paint filter test

Provide various options

Optional washing module, feed chutes, covers and inclines
allow for flexible design possibilities and reduces odors

Reduced Maintenance

No hanger bearings to maintain
improves operation and life span 

Reduced Maintenance

Durable heavy duty spirals
ride on a low friction liner for easy operation and robust construction

Provide various options

Optional baggers
for horizontal or inclined installations provide variety to meet all design requirements


Hycor Helixpress Dewatering Press
Hycor Helixpress Dewatering Screen Press
Helixpress® Dewatering Screen Conveyor Discharge
Helixpress® Dewatering Screen Conveyor Discharge

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