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Hycor® Rotostrainer®

Externally Fed Rotary Screen

Hycor Rotostrainer®

Introduced over 25 years ago, the Hycor Rotostrainer® screen is the original self-cleaning wedgewire screen. With over 700 installations, it is a proven fine screening technology for municipal wastewater treatment plants and many industries with several application capabilities.

In wastewater treatment plants, the Hycor Rotostrainer® is renowned as an externally fed rotary screen for pretreatment. It is also the industry choice for scum screening. Industrial users, such as meat processors, food processors, tanneries, textile mills, petrochemical plants, and recyclers, rely on it for product recovery and wastewater treatment.

How the Hycor Rotostrainer® Works

The screen is externally fed so that influent is directed under a baffle, then upward and over the length of the cylinder. The natural action of wastewater cascading through the screen creates a powerful backwash, which results in a continuously clean surface. Solids are caught on the outside of the screen surface and are removed by a tensioned doctor blade.

Opening sizes are available from 0.010" (.250 mm) to 0.100" (2.54 mm). Capacities range from 60 GPM (13.6 M3/H) to 7800 GPM (1771 M3/H) in a single unit. Additional models are available to handle higher capacities.


  • Primary doctor blade keeps cylinder surface clean
  • Rotostrainer® has Automatic Doctor Blade Cleaner (ADBC)
  • Adjustable counter-weighted primary doctor blade without a spring tensioning mechanism minimizes accidental over-tensioning
  • Removable headbox cover minimizes splashing and reduces housekeeping
  • Internal spray bar built-in
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction


  • Spray bar is positioned within inches of the surface of the cylinder, benefitting applications with grease or those requiring small size screen openings
  • ADBC wipes away solids, particularly sticky materials that build up on the primary doctor blade
  • Minimal down-time and maintenance costs
  • Easily accessible headbox simplifies routine maintenance