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Lamella EcoFlow®

Lamella Clarifier

The Lamella® is the original inclined plate clarifier. Introduced by Parkson in 1971, it has been the industry standard for this technology.

How It Works

The Lamella® clarifier works when a solid/liquid stream that has been flocculated, enters a tank, and flows upward between a pack of inclined plates. The solids fall to the plate surface, where they slide by gravity down to a sludge collection hopper. The clarified effluent flows through orifice holes and exits the top of the settler.

The innovative Lamella EcoFlow®, which was unveiled in 2012 and is patented, eliminates the area of interference at the bottom of the plates and allows for full utilization of the plate settling area. This translates to an increased capacity of 25% in the same footprint and allows for easy retrofitting to upgrade older installations to the EcoFlow® design!

The Lamella® has been utilized in countless applications, including the following:

  • Potable water clarification
  • Industrial process water
  • Sand filter backwash
  • Metal finishing
  • Mining
  • Groundwater
  • River presedimentation


  • 10 times the equivalent settling area of traditional clarifiers
  • New, patent-approved Lamella EcoFlow® design – no moving parts
  • Corrosion-resistant FRP plates
  • Completely submerged plates
  • Plates installed at 55⁰ for optimal solids settling

Optional Features

  • FRP tank construction for highly corrosive applications
  • Rubber-lined steel construction
  • High temperature plates
  • Rapid mixing and flocculation packages
  • Sludge storage and thickening package
  • Chemical dosing equipment


  • Lamella EcoFlow® allows for a 25% increase in capacity over the standard design
  • Flexible design allows for custom applications to be tackled
  • Self-cleaning plates and no moving parts translate to low maintenance costs
  • Space-saving footprint allows for efficient use of land