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Slant Rib Coalescing (SRC) Oil/Water Separator System which removes oil and solids

Parkson’s Model SRC and SRM Oil/Water Separator Systems offer a reliable, compact, and economical solution to a wide array of applications. The oil/water separator systems remove free, non-emulsified oil and settleable solids to produce an effluent with less than 10 mg/l of oil droplets 20 micron or larger.

The influent flow first enters an oleophilic (affinity for oil, not for water) slant-rib coalescing pack where oil droplets adhere to the ribbed pack and merge with other droplets, which grow in size and rise to the liquid surface. The design of the coalescing pack and oil attracting characteristics of the media ensures the highest degree of surface contact and coalescing efficiency. Accumulated oil at the surface displaces water and begins to overflow a weir into an oil reservoir where it either can flow out by gravity or can be pumped.

The coalescing pack also removes solids via the 55° angle of the pack’s ribs. Once oil and solids are removed, the collected water flows under a baffle into a water effluent chamber where it is discharged through a flanged connection.

Applications for Oil/Water Separator

A number of applications are possible with the oil/water separator system including but not limited to groundwater, storm water runoff, oil and water reclamation, cooling towers, and industrial effluent treatment. Parkson’s SRM models, which are fabricated from fiberglass, are able to separate petroleum hydrocarbons and water with low levels of solids.

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Features & Benefits


Handles twice the volume in 20% the length of comparably sized settlers,
saving space 

Improved function

Special baffle system
controls flow and minimize surges for more reliable separation 

Reduced Maintenance

Standard design with no moving parts
minimizes maintenance and operator attention required 

Improved function

Optimized coalescing design
allows removal of oil droplets down to 20 microns 

Improved function

Gravity separation with coalescing ribs angled at 55°
optimizes max solids settling efficiency 

Water drop

Corrosion-resistant media available in polypropelene, PVC, HPVC and SS
increases life expectancy

Improved function

Sloped sludge chamber
allows for complete sludge removal 

Provide various options

Optional sludge removal auger available
for applications that require higher sludge removal capacity

Improved function

Optional dense coalescing packs
for maximum effluent quality 

Provide various options

Optional level alarms, heaters, inspection hatches and pump-out systems
provide design flexibility customized to site-specific requirements 


Parkson oil water separator
Parkson oil water separator
Fiberglass Tank (SRM) Oil/Water Separator System which can separate petroleum hydrocarbons and water with low solids levels

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