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Continuous Fill Sequencing Batch Reactor

Parkson’s PISCES™ CFSBR is a sequencing batch reactor process which operates in a continuous fill mode. The PISCES™ CFSBR combines the process benefits of cyclical treatment with the simplified operating concept of continuously filling all reactor tanks at all times. Flow is split evenly to all tanks utilizing a splitter box with manual valves, eliminating the need for cycling automatic valves to control influent. Anoxic and anaerobic fill conditions for filamentous control and nutrient removal are achieved during settle and decant when aeration is turned off, yet flow is still entering the reactors. An underflow baffle provides a barrier between the influent entry point and the main react zone where the decanter is located, allowing settle and decant to occur under quiescent conditions.


Three (3) basic treatment steps are utilized with the fill period occurring concurrently across the entire cycle. 

React – Aeration and mixing are provided in the react zone to achieve BOD removal. Aeration can be cycled on and off for applications requiring nutrient removal. 

Settle – Aeration and mixing are turned off creating a quiescent condition where solids settle to the lower portion of the reactor. 

Decant -  An automatic effluent valve is opened allowing high quality effluent to be removed from the upper portion of the tank with the DynaCanter™ floating decanter. Sludge wasting for solids inventory control is typically done during the decant step. All required treatment steps will occur within a single reactor basin, without the need for clarifiers or sludge recycle.


The PISCES™ CFSBR can be provided with several aeration types including VariOx™ jet aeration and fine or coarse bubble diffused aeration (fixed and retrievable).  Parkson’s DynaCanter™ is a floating, solids excluding decanter designed to remove the treated effluent at the top of the basin, just below the water surface. The DynaCanter™ does not require any in-basin actuators or drive mechanisms to operate the unit, and thus reduces the potential for units to be taken out of service.

The brains of the PISCES™ CFSBR is the technologically advanced DynaPhase Control™, which will dynamically adjust the steps of the treatment cycle based on incoming flows and loads. The control strategy will monitor flow and dissolved oxygen to allow for the automatic adjustment of the cycles to ensure proper treatment and energy optimization.  During peak events, the controls will maintain the appropriate aeration percentage comparative to the flows and loads coming to the SBR. Operator changes to the controls set-points are acknowledged in real-time adjustments, which includes enabling or disabling a desired number of SBR basins.


  • Internal clarification reduces overall footprint and yard piping
  • Cyclic operation inherently provides anaerobic, anoxic and aerobic conditions for enhanced nutrient removal
  • Simple controls with no separate fill periods and no automatic influent valves
  • Flexibility of time based control
  • Easily expandable
  • Energy efficiency of batch processing
  • Peak flows equalized within SBR reactors



  • Choice of aeration type
    • VariOx™ jet aeration
    • RetrievOx™ retrievable diffusers
    • Fixed diffusers (fine and coarse bubble)
  • Decanter with no in-basin motors or drives
  • Dynamic control that preserves aeration steps better than systems with pre-programmed storm modes
  • Unparalleled customer support and service

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