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RetrievOx™ wastewater aeration system with floating mixer and DynaCanter floating decanter

The RetrievOx™, a wastewater aeration system, is utilized in numerous treatment applications, including biological processes, sludge digestion, holding tanks and post aeration. Each wastewater aeration system consists of a grid of tubular fine bubble diffusers, guide track, and hoisting mechanism. The grids are located around the perimeter of the tank for access from walkways or work platforms. A portable electric winch is utilized to raise the diffuser grid to the top of the tank where it is accessible by plant staff for inspection, cleaning and replacement of diffusers.

The wastewater aeration system eliminates the need to de-water tanks in order to access fine bubble aeration diffusers for cleaning and/or replacement. The ability to access the aeration system without taking tanks offline eliminates disruption of normal wastewater processing through the facility when maintenance of fine bubble diffusers is required.

Each RetrievOx grid can accommodate up to 25 pairs of tubular diffusers and can deliver varying amounts of air up to 400 SCFM. For larger tanks, the wastewater aeration system is used in conjunction with center mixer(s) to keep air delivery spread across the entire tank profile.

The RetrievOx is constructed using a combination of stainless steel and galvanized steel components for corrosion resistance. All stainless steel designs are also available.

We also offer water aeration systems with coarse bubble diffuser configurations.

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Features & Benefits

Reduced Maintenance

Retrievable design
allows for access to diffusers for maintenance or replacement without dewatering the tank


Custom designed
to fit any basin geometry

Provide various options

Fine bubble and coarse bubble options
available to best fit the application

Water drop

Stainless and galvanized steel construction
provides protection against corrosion 


RetrievOx™ wastewater aeration system with floating mixer and DynaCanter floating decanter
Close up of fine bubble diffuser grid, part of a RetrievOx™ wastewater aeration system
Raised diffuser grid at top of tank for easy inspection and cleaning
Jet Aeration diffuser grid at top of tank ready for inspection

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