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An Axel Johnson Inc. Company

Parkson is a wholly owned subsidiary of Axel Johnson Inc. As a family company with roots going back to 1873, Axel Johnson Inc. has a long‐term perspective that allows us to do business and build in a way that is consistent with our shared values. Central to these values is the belief that business is the most powerful force for change in society today. This means that every one of us within the Axel Johnson Inc. group is responsible for ensuring that everything we do has a positive impact—on our employees, our customers, our suppliers and our communities.

Antonia Ax:son Johnson is the fourth generation to lead the worldwide group of enterprises launched in Stockholm in 1873 by her great‐grandfather, Axel Johnson. In her leadership and in her life, our owner provides the moral compass that guides every member of the Axel Johnson Inc. group. She continues the long tradition of ethical entrepreneurship that has earned respect for Johnson companies for 144 years.

The companies of Axel Johnson Inc. compete across a spectrum of sectors: energy, water quality, medical device and sustainable development. Each company within Axel Johnson Inc. is a pioneer in their respective category and is at the forefront of innovation. Our sister companies include:

Sprague Energy Corp.

The Eastern Seaboard’s leading supplier of energy products in the Northeastern United States and Canada. Sprague was the first to open the market for ultralow‐sulfur diesel, which reduces CO2 emissions. Today they are investing in the development and availability of renewable biodiesel products.

Kinetico Incorporated

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of water treatment systems, best known for their patented non‐electric systems powered by the kinetic force of moving water.

Mountain Lumber Company

One of the nation’s premier wood reclamation companies, reclaiming old wood from factories, mills, vats and barns across the world and refashioning it into wood flooring and millwork of exceptional character and quality.

Cadence Incorporated

Leveraging its experience in manufacturing amazingly precise and durable cutting blades for industrial components, Cadence is quickly carving out its niche as the preeminent supplier of cutting, piercing and diagnostic testing products in the medical device and life science industries.

Walk2Campus Properties

Providing accountable, updated and well-maintained off-campus housing within easy walking distance of universities, Walk2Campus strives daily to serve four customers– students, parents, universities and towns. Walk2Campus invests time and capital into improving the buildings and neighborhoods adjacent to campuses and enhances the fabric of the university community.

HighRes Biosolutions 

HighRes Biosolutions is the leader in the design and construction of innovative robotic systems and laboratory devices used by pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic research laboratories.


Skjodt-Barrett is a world-class manufacturer of food solutions and custom ingredients for leading North American brands. The company takes pride in working closely with its customer partners to understand their unique needs and create innovative solutions that are individually formulated for each application.


Founded to create customized orthopedic implants and instrumentation through the use of digital imaging technology. ConforMIS is a medical device company with a mission to provide dramatic advancements in patient care.