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EquaJet nitrogen removal system

EquaJet® is a unique nitrogen removal system that utilizes the Parkson jet system and multi-stage activated sludge treatment as a system offering. More specifically, the jet recirculation pump is used to provide mixing through highly efficient nitrate and/or anoxic recycle flow in a multi-stage biological or enhanced nutrient removal system. The EquaJet® system may be used within the EquaReact® system in both municipal and industrial markets, but can also be used as a stand-alone, multi-stage activated sludge treatment system.

Realized value:

  • Reduction in pumping and mixing equipment = cost savings
  • Maximizes Mixed Liquor recycle for treatment
  • Process control simplicity
  • Reduced energy consumption

Operational Value of our Nitrate Recycling Jet System

Typically, a pumping system is designed to provide a design nitrate recycle flow rate between 2Q (200%) to 4Q (400%) of the average daily flow (ADF). The EquaJet system provides a significantly higher nitrate recycle flow rate up to 12Q (1200%) or more of the ADF without additional power requirements. Current EquaJet installations range from 8Q (800%) to 12Q (1200%) of the ADF.

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Features & Benefits

Reduced Maintenance

Jet aeration
utilizes FRP and stainless steel construction for years of maintenance free operation

Cost Savings

Jet motive pumps transfer flow between nitrification and anoxic tanks
reducing cost since separate recycle pumps (and associate power costs) are eliminated

Improved function

High recycle rate
improves nitrate removal


Recirculation pumps and lines- part of the EquaJet® Nitrate Recycling Jet System
Part of the EquaJet nitrate recycling system at an installation site
Jet recirculation lines which help to provide biological nitrogen removal
EquaJet Nitrogen Removal System