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Water Research Facility

There is no better way of ensuring a system can perform for your specific needs than to test treatability in lab and pilot studies. Our commitment to maximizing your ROI demands that testing studies and early identification of effective process solutions be conducted quickly and efficiently. Our approach is to work closely with each customer to identify, test, report and recommend solutions. Parkson’s engineers focus on development of new products, improvement of existing products, and application of existing products to new markets or uses.

The Water Research Facility makes it possible for Parkson to conduct a wide variety of research and development work. The WRF houses a 65,000 gallon test tank (12’ wide x 24’ long x 32’ deep) predominantly utilized for Standard Oxygen Transfer Efficiency (SOTE) testing, a chiller for maintaining water temperature during testing, and a variety of blower options.  All of Parkson’s pilot plants are stored, maintained and managed at the WRF.

Parkson also has an analytical laboratory that is used for water/wastewater characterization and initial product sizing. Additional work carried out at the WRF includes product lifecycle testing, performance testing, and prototype development and validation.

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Pilot Testing

Parkson owns a fleet of pilot equipment available for testing and demonstration. Onsite pilot testing allows you to become better acquainted with the product technology, its operation and how effectively plant requirements will be met. This also allows for comparison of different technologies for water / wastewater treatment within your plant. Our fully equipped lab will provide any necessary pre-pilot testing of wastewater samples to further define pilot study goals.

Pilots can be rented for anywhere from one week to several months depending on customer requirements and agreed upon test protocol. We can bring the testing directly to you on our skid-mounted pilots which are equipped with all necessary instrumentation and controls for operation. Our staff can also help coordinate shipping, set-up and start-up of the equipment, as well as provide operation services for short-term pilots and training by on-site personnel for long-term pilots.

At conclusion of the pilot, customers are provided a detailed test report which includes recommendations for economical and effective solutions and expected performance of the technology. A full-scale system can then be designed based on the operating conditions and insight gained through pilot system operation. Our team of engineers will provide design details with layout, budget estimate, ROI, and process flow diagrams. Contact us today to learn more about our piloting equipment.

Laboratory Analysis

Laboratory AnalysisWRF 2WRF 3

Parkson’s Water Research Facility uses laboratory testing to help determine design criteria and sizing for Parkson products and to facilitate performance guarantees. Our team conducts raw water and wastewater treatment analysis while following testing procedures as detailed in, “Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater.” Our experienced engineers can recommend the best possible solution based on treatability tests where representative samples of your process stream are analyzed. Some tests include:

  • Total suspended solid
  • Volatile solids
  • Turbidity
  • Alkalinity
  • pH
  • Material composition
  • And more

Customers are provided a detailed test report which includes test methods utilized, findings, results, recommendations, and preliminary sizing of full-scale equipment. Based on report findings, pilot testing may be recommended. If no pilot testing is necessary, our team of experienced engineers will provide preliminary full-scale design including layout, budget estimate, ROI, and process flow diagram.


DynaSand Filter pilot unit
Hycor Rotoshear Internally Fed Rotary Screen pilot unit
Lamella pilot
Hydro Hydroscreen Liquid Solid Separation pilot unit
DynaSand Filter pilot unit
Water Research Facility
Water Research Facility laboratory analysis
Water Research Facility fleet of pilot equipment
Hycor Helixpress Dewatering Screen Press pilot unit
Water Research Facility lab test column
ThickTech Rotary Drum Thickener pilot trailer
Inside the ThickTech RDT pilot trailer