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Schreiber Fuzzy Filter installation

The innovative and cost-effective Fuzzy Filter™ uses a compressible media filtration system which allows operators to adjust media porosity to suit their influent characteristics at the push of a button. This compact, modular filter can be used in a wide variety of water and wastewater applications at hydraulic loading rates up to 45gpm/ft2, while requiring reduced wash water and maintenance, and occupying dramatically smaller footprint over traditional media filters.

The Fuzzy Filter uses a nominal 30” deep media bed comprised of individual 1.25” diameter compressible synthetic fiber spheres, and achieves a high rate of solids removal down to 4 microns. By mechanically compressing the media, operators can alter the total porosity as needed based on influent characteristics for effluent requirements. The media porosity and solids removal can be optimized to maximize solids capture and run time. The filter uses influent water and air scouring during wash cycles to dislodge captured particles, easily cleaning the media with very little wash water and without media loss.

The Fuzzy Filter is available in sizes from 2.25 ft2 to 64 ft2 with flows ranging from 0.13 MGD to 3.68 MGD at a loading rate of 40 GPM/ft2.


  • Wastewater tertiary treatment
  • Phosphorus removal
  • Pre-filtration for membrane systems
  • Water reuse (Title 22)
  • Membrane reject water for optimization of drinking water plants
  • Pre-filtration for reverse osmosis
  • Well water for suspend solids and iron removal
  • River water influent
  • Wet weather flows (CSO / SSO)
  • Process water conditioning
  • Contaminated industrial storm water
  • Produced water from oil and gas industries
  • Cold lime softening 
  • Cooling water side stream filtration


  • Phosphorus removal below 0.1 mg/L for municipal applications
  • High loading rate - average 30 GPM/ft.2 and up to 45 GPM/ft.2
  • Low wash water usage (1% - 2%)
  • Extensive media life in excess of 10 years with no media loss
  • High solids storage 

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Features & Benefits

Reduced Maintenance

Unit ships fully assembled with media in unit
to provide ease of installation, low operating costs and a fully-automated process


Small footprint
requires 20% of space used by media filters

Cost Savings

Influent used for washing
saves on use of clean water

Provide various options

Adjustable pores
allow for the media bed to be compressed based on influent characteristics


Schreiber Fuzzy Filter Installation
Preview image for the video "Schreiber Fuzzy Filter".
Fuzzy Filter Installation
Schreiber Fuzzy Filter Installation
Preview image for the video "Schreiber - Fuzzy Filter 360 video".
Schreiber Fuzzy Filter Installation
Schreiber Fuzzy Filter compressible media filter
Schreiber Fuzzy Filter installation