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The international business unit promotes the growth of the Parkson brand and expands the global reach of our products. A collection of innovative products, 25,000 installations and over 50 years of experience demonstrate that Parkson has the technologies and experience to deliver on its promises and to always strive to exceed your expectations.

We continue to expand our distribution network to more markets around the world in order to get our customers the products they need as quickly and conveniently as possible. In addition to maintaining updated information on our website, Parkson supports offices on three continents to serve customers all over the world. 

Region - Middle East

Middle East

Parkson installations in the region place the highest priority on water reuse.

Region - Latin America

Latin America

With more than 200 installations, Parkson works with partners in more than 10 countries in LA.

Region - Asia-Pacific


Parkson customizes its offerings to meet the demands of varying markets across Asia.

Region - Europe


Parkson's technologies meet the high standards of European countries with cutting edge solutions.

Region - Africa


Scarce water resources place a premium on technologies that rely on water conservation.