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Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Industrial Water Treatment Systems

For over 55 years, Parkson has been a pioneer in evaporation, inclined plate clarification and continuous backwash sand filtration technologies. Today, with our continued commitment to innovation and technology, Parkson is a provider of complete industrial water treatment systems and solutions.

Parkson’s talented team of process and technical experts integrates a wide range of technologies to solve your toughest industrial water and wastewater challenges. From headworks to pre-treatment to cooling tower filtration to wastewater systems, Parkson can provide complete water / wastewater treatment systems for your plant. These solutions are available as turnkey, design-build capital systems, or as turnkey, design-build-operate packages that allow you to minimize risk, preserve capital dollars and focus on your core business.

Parkson continues to introduce new industrial water and wastewater treatment equipment that minimizes energy and water consumption while maintaining the highest level of uptime for your plant. Contact Parkson today to inquire about how our industrial water and wastewater treatment systems can help you with your needs.

Industries That We Serve

Food & Beverage

Food and beverage processing requires access to reliable and economical water treatment systems to increase efficiency and production and reduce capital and operating costs. From vegetable wash water, to brewery process water and meat and dairy wastewater, Parkson can provide fully operated system solutions to meet your treatment needs.

Power Generation

As power generation technologies rapidly develop, environmental controls continue to tighten, requiring higher quality water and the need for water reuse with trends towards zero-liquid discharge. With over 55 years of experience in power plant treatment, Parkson can provide complete design, build, and operate (DBO) solutions and turnkey systems.

Refining & Petrochemical

Refining, petrochemical and chemical processes require some of the largest water quantities in the industrial sector and are held to some of the tightest standards and regulations. Parkson has the proven expertise and innovative technologies to help meet these regulations, increase efficiency and reduce costs. Learn how we can provide design, build, operate (DBO) solutions and turnkey systems to assist you.

Aquatic Systems

Parkson offers a range of equipment to meet the needs of various systems and facilities, such as zoos, aquariums and other large public exhibits. Our equipment and solutions help to provide quality water for a sustainable, healthy marine life. 

Chemical Processing

Chemical industry waste streams can be highly complex and present unique treatment challenges due to variation in volume, quality and composition, and prevalence of contaminants and toxins. We offer fully-operated system solutions and equipment to meet process requirements and discharge regulations, while increasing efficiency and reducing capital and operating costs.

Manufacturing and Steel Processing

Properly treated water is essential for a variety of production processes, such as cooling and lubrication, and eventually becomes wastewater which must be treated for discharge or reuse. Parkson expertise, equipment and turnkey systems can assist in treatment while meeting strict environmental regulations.

Metal Finishing

Water is crucial throughout the entire metal finishing process and in ensuring quality, increasing output and managing costs. As water becomes contaminated, both reusable and waste materials must be filtered out. Our treatment systems can effectively and efficiently extract these materials in order to meet discharge and reuse requirement.

Mining & Minerals

Large volumes of water are necessary throughout the mining process and eventually must be treated as wastewater as it becomes laden with contaminants. Parkson has the proven process knowledge and technologies to effectively separate these contaminants from wastewater while helping to ensure profitability.


Water treatment systems are key within the pharmaceutical industry, as they ensure product quality, safety and process efficiency. Stringent environmental regulations and competitive pressure add to the need for a reliable and effective treatment solution. We offer innovative equipment, solutions and turnkey systems to meet these difficult demands.

Pulp & Paper

Quality of process water and treatment of wastewater directly affect plant throughput, and so it is essential to seamlessly integrate water treatment solutions into production facilities. Our systems and solutions for the pulp and paper industry are proven to aid treatment of raw water, boiler feedwater, etc., while increasing productivity and quality.